1. Citation styles

There are hundreds of styles used for citing. Library recommends using an author/date style (e.g. APA) for social and economic sciences and a numeric style (e.g. IEEE) for technical sciences. On the library’s webpage you can find tutorials for most common citation styles. Remember, that these are for information only and you should follow TalTech guidelines for writing student papers. Different faculties and departments in TalTech have different requirements for academic papers, including theses. 

In School of Business and Governance author/date style is used. As an exception the footnote citing style must be used in papers of law study programme. In School of Science and School of Engineering both numerical and author/date styles are allowed. In School of Information Technologies a numeric style is required. 

A number of library databases offer citing tools that will automatically format a citation for you in a number of styles. These tools can be helpful if you have just a few items to cite in your paper. TalTech e-resources portal PRIMO also enables to create citations for items – click on the quotation marks near the record and copy the citation in suitable style. Once you have selected a citing style you must follow the same style consistently. There are five most common styles available, including APA, IEEE and Chicago Manual of Style (full note) – a footnote citing required in TalTech law theses. 

NB! Remember to check citations for accuracy before including them in your work.