How to login to Moodle?

I have used previously Uni-ID to access Moodle:

1. Choose TAAT/Uni-ID as your form of authentification;

2. Select TalTech from the list of universities;

3. Insert your Uni-ID credentials.

NB! In case your Uni-ID password changed in December 2018 then try logging in with the previous password. If you cannot remember it, choose an alternative method to log in or click on Lost password.

I had a user account in HITSA Moodle:

Apply your registered username and password directly into TalTech Moodle frontpage.

In case of forgotten username or password please refer to Lost password.

I have used previously mobile-ID to access Moodle:

1. Choose mobile-ID as your form of authentification;

2. Insert your username;

3. If you are not able to log in via username, enter your Moodle mobile number. Once logged in you may now include your phone number to your profile.

I have used previously ID-card to access Moodle:

Choose ID-card as your form of authentification.

How to troubleshoot if I can’t access Moodle via ID-card?

1. Check if the ID-card extension has been installed and enabled in your browser settings (Token Signing)

2. Try another browser that has the ID card extension installed and enabled

A step-by-step guide can be found here.
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